Storytelling training


If you have something important to say, …

… you want your audience to listen to you. You may have a new strategy to announce, a new vision to share with your employees, new work processes, great new products for your customers or new instructions for your staff.

It is therefore especially important, that Your Audience To you not only listens, but also becomes active. Therefore can you yourself at all no case afford, that Yours Audience idle remains. You must into the minds of your Audience get there, set an impulse and you to the Action motivate.

The easiest way to do this is with a story. The technique for this is storytelling. Not all history is the same. To be effective, it must fulfill certain requirements. We talk about this in a storytelling training course and together we develop your individual story that will make you successful with your audience.

Like an electric motor

Why do some stories captivate and why not others? Why are there movies that are not lengthy despite being overlong? Why are reports from Disney or National Geographic internationally successful and those from ARD and ZDF not? In short: What makes a good story?

A good story has a structure. It shows an imbalance that is brought into balance, a problem that is solved or a challenge that is overcome. Just as an electric motor converts the polarity of magnetic fields into propulsion, the polarity of a story releases emotions that set the audience’s thoughts in motion. This tension creates the impulse with which you give your audience the impetus to do what you want them to do.

Storytelling is part of us

Stories have probably been told for as long as people have been talking. We pass on our knowledge, our experience, our culture and our values through stories. When a story is told, we lean forward, listen attentively, are curious; our hearts beat faster and our pulse increases. With the right storytelling, you can also use this power for your communication, presentations and speeches.

People love stories, because we want to and can identify with the many want to and can identify with. Our Brain is hard wiredto enjoy stories and from the watching other at learn. How it works which is used by children and adults as well. Especially in a fast-moving and complex world, is the story the best Means of transportation for your messages. Storytelling is the technology for this. Use it it!

Storytelling is nothing new

Storytelling is nothing New. It is also no Panaceato do well to present orbetter at talk. It is however a important Component of good Speeches, lectures and presentations. Straight when it you about important Topics goeswhich conveys become must, you should about the conscious Insert From Stories think – gladly together with us.