Work meeting performance

Works meetings are a special Event. As Board of Directors, Managing Directoror Entrepreneur is one is a “guest at own House” and the Works Council has the first and the last Word. It gives often Headwind and it is sometimes heavy, the Participants from the own position to convince. In particular then, when you hardly Backing fromthe Audience get.

In situations in which it is a matter of Downsizing, Plant Closures, Relocations, Restructuring or Savings measures goes, becomes it especially heavy for Boards, Managing director or Entrepreneur. For there is From view of the affectedEmployees none Arguments, with which you have the Staff motivate or convincecan. It gives only you as person and leader.

A such situation presents special Requirements, if you vis-à-vis the workforcepoints want. Our Coachings for Company meetings, Staff meetings or Employee events support you to get the maximum for you as Executive and for your company from the situation out of the situation.