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A media interview is like a balancing act on a tightrope – with the right preparation you will reach your goal with confidence. Or you’re out of luck …

Media training

Media interviews offer you the most efficient and credible platform for conveying your messages to your target groups. Whether external or internal, national or international.

An interview can be read, seen or heard by hundreds of thousands of people. It can move share prices and emotions. It can accelerate sales and end careers. Therefore, you should not leave the success of press interviews to chance.

Rudi Carrell said:“If you want to pull an ace out of your sleeve, you have to have put one up there first.” The same applies to conversations with journalists, because you can’t just shake a good message out of your sleeve, it has to be well prepared.

Professionals with many years of expertise in the media business will support you to ensure that your press appointments are a complete success and that you master every situation confidently and confidently. Even the critical ones!

Your content is decisive here. All training courses are tailor-made and focus 100% on your subject areas. This gives you the security of truly relevant and efficient preparation.

The core of media training is interview practice. We simulate the situations you need to pass and guide you through the topics that are relevant to you. We dig pits and pitfalls and train you to recognize and avoid these obstacles. You receive immediate and camera-supported feedback and see which headlines and quotes you would have generated in reality.

A media interview is ultimately like a balancing act on a tightrope – with the right training, you will reach your goal with confidence.

You will become a media professional in no time – that’s a promise!

More practice is not possible – there is no better preparation!