Now you have done it after all,

even though it said “don’t”!

This shows how easy it is to motivate people with little to do what you want.

And that’s what conversations, speeches, presentations, appearances, videos and interviews are all about.

As a speaker or presenter, you have a very specific intention: you want your audience to do something: invest in your company, promote you, buy your product, commission a service, share your opinion, be motivated, be persuaded by your views, laugh, speak well of you, vote for you and so on.

For you, this means that if you want to give a really good speech and a convincing presentation, you need to grab your audience’s attention quickly and then keep it. The means to do this are simple. You saw that for yourself, because your curiosity was stronger than the request “don’t”. Sparkpoint training shows you how to do this. Take a look at our great offer.

Your audience will thank you! And you will thank your audience when they do what you expect them to do.

It does not get easier

People’s attention spans are getting shorter – and this poses particular challenges for speakers and presenters.

As a speaker or presenter, you need the attention and time of your audience. Sure. After all, you want something from the people who (initially) listen to you. And nothing is more difficult today than getting people’s attention and time.

You probably know it from situations where you sat in the audience. For the most part, I’m sure you’re listening attentively. But sometimes – when the presentation is anything but exciting – you think about what else you need to do, you plan the evening, and sometimes you might just build castles in the air. That’s a shame for the speaker – and wasted time for you.

We’re sorry, but it’s a fact: it’s not getting any easier to attract and retain attention. Microsoft regularly determines how people’s attention spans develop, among other things. These studies confirm what you may already have thought: People’s ability and willingness to concentrate on something is continuously decreasing. And since 2015, it has been official that we humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish( you can find the studyhere ).

Take a look at the Tagesschau, for example: The reports there are much shorter today and the cuts are much faster than five or ten years ago.

Another example: Have you ever seen a James Bond movie from the 70s? Today, you almost fall asleep even during the chase scenes, which were considered revolutionary at the time.

Accordingly, the demands on presentations and speeches are increasing. For you, this means that if you want to give a really good speech and a convincing presentation, you need to attract and hold the attention of your audience. The means to do this are simple. And there are many. Curiosity is one of them.

A SPARKPOINT training course shows you how to do this.