Sparkpoint presentation training

Presentation training

Present better. Talk better. More success!

Our presentation training courses are fundamentally about people’ s appearance in front of people, about communication and impact. You want to make an impact on your audience. They want to get it to do something. They should be enthusiastic and motivated to adopt an idea, approve a budget, make a promotion or adapt a new process.

From A to B

Whether on a large stage, in a small hall, a conference room, in your town hall or in your canteen, whether in front of customers, employees, investors, journalists, analysts, politicians, employee representatives or your team – we want you to take your audience where you want them to go.

In the course of the presentation training, you will understand mechanisms of action and use tools to win over your audience or discussion partners to your views, ideas and approaches and master every situation with confidence. You will develop your own skills and have tools at your fingertips to facilitate preparation and improve your performance.

It’s not getting any easier

Today, it is more difficult to get people to listen and convince them of something, because attention spans are constantly decreasing. By hand your content we train modern methods to move the audience to the point where you want them to go.

The SPARKPOINT training approach is comprehensive and therefore effective. The training concept combines over two decades of experience from working with board members, executives and managers of renowned German and international companies with the latest findings from rhetoric, presentation techniques, dramaturgy, psychology, biology and neuroscience.

Create resonance

It’s about all the parameters that generate “resonance”, i.e. that have an effect on your target groups so that you can achieve your goals. Together we look at the aspects of body language, gestures, voice and content; we practise setting and communicating your messages, we rehearse the effect of storytelling, develop possibilities for rhetorical dramaturgy and also train how to deal with unexpected situations such as unpleasant questions and interruptions.

You will benefit from over two decades of experience working with executives, entrepreneurs, managing directors and board members of renowned German and international companies.

Customized units

Each presentation training course is tailor-made to meet your individual requirements. Whether on site or remotely – regardless of whether you are reading out a written speech, using a presentation document as a guide, giving a free speech or simply using notes. They should achieve the goals you are pursuing with your appearance. The duration of the training is also flexible and can be adapted to your wishes.

Practice, practice, practice

The core of the training is practice, because real improvements only come from the right exercise. We analyze each of your performances together using video recordings. Whether virtually or on site. This means that improvements are not only quickly possible, but also visible.

For your success

You will present and speak much better after the training. We guarantee that. You will find it easier to get your topics across to your target groups and convince them of what is important to you, whether you want to motivate your employees or sell products and services, inform people, convince investors or inspire analysts. SPARKPOINT presentation training is clearly geared to the needs of today’s executives and managers and has only one goal:

Your success.