"Poets are born, orators are made."


"Are ideas borne interesting or made interesting?"

"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training."


"The only person who listens to every word of your speech is you"

Presentation, rhetoric and media training

for top managers and executives

For your success

There are really few events in (professional) life where you can make as much of an impact in a short period of time as with a good presentation, a good speech or a good press interview.

However, there are really few events that can do as much damage in a short space of time as a bad presentation, a bad speech or a bad press interview.

This is why SPARKPOINT's training courses focus on the areas that are most important for managers today: acting confidently, dealing confidently with the media, leading confidently.

In addition, we accompany you as"leaders behind the leaders" through the challenging issues of the present(change, leadership) and prepare you for your new leadership role, for a particularly successful first 100 days and everything that follows.

When you go public with your company, we prepare you so that you can convince all target groups of your equity story. And if you are selling your company, we make sure that you maximize the value of your company with a powerful appearance.

Over 25 years of experience working with great companies, the majority of DAX companies, board members, executives and renowned international business personalities and the practical experience from many success-critical events such as transformations, restructurings, corporate crises, friendly and hostile M&A transactions, IPOs and share placements give you the security of excellent coaching to achieve what is most important to you:

More success!

Make a difference

Good speeches and presentations change your audience. They trigger something, inspire change. An idea is adopted, a product is purchased, a service is commissioned, a new procedure is adapted, a change is accepted, a process is set in motion.

Communicating well means winning over your audience to your views, ideas, products or services. You convince your listeners. And your audience will do all this voluntarily, because you convince them with good rhetoric. And that can be learned. It’s actually quite simple. You just need to know the ingredients. The best recipe for this is SPARKPOINT training.

You can use it

Anyone can give great speeches, lectures and presentations. It is not a natural gift. You just have to want it. Even if some presentations and speeches come across as light-footed and give the impression that the speaker is able to deliver his or her speech with confidence, it is guaranteed that no one has absorbed this with their mother’s milk, but has worked for it through the right preparation. The SPARKPOINT training approach is comprehensive and therefore effective for you. It’s about all the parameters that generate “resonance”, i.e. have an effect on your target groups. This is how we ensure that you achieve your goals.

Prepare properly. Really right.

If you care about your audience and you really want to convince them, prepare properly. Really right, not somehow.

Again and again we hear from managers that their presentation was not as well received as they had hoped, even though they had made a real effort and invested a lot of time in preparation. Perhaps this sounds familiar to you too. And remember what is often at stake: an important order, an investment decision, motivated employees, your promotion, a budget approval or a good press article. You can’t really afford a bad performance!

Unlike in sport and in most other areas of life, frequent presentations and speeches do not lead to improvement. As attention spans become shorter, the demands on speakers and presenters increase. A SPARKPOINT training course shows you very quickly how to prepare properly, really properly.

Your audience notices anyway

If you really want to present or speak successfully, you shouldn’t talk down the challenge by saying something like: “I’ll shake it off my sleeve.” Your audience will notice anyway if you haven’t prepared well.

If you have prepared really well, you will notice it because your audience will thank you. More people will embrace your ideas. You will motivate more people to support you. You will inspire your customers, employees and business partners and close more deals.

In short: you will achieve more and be more successful.

Your success in view

A speech that is boring in content remains a boring speech, even if a gifted speaker delivers it. And an inspiring presentation will never inspire if the presenter delivers it uninspired.

SPARKPOINT training covers the most important findings from rhetoric, psychology, dramaturgy, storytelling, speech training, neuroscience, biology and acting.

It is not enough to limit yourself to individual areas of rhetoric. Only body language will not help you any more than only storytelling or only voice training. Rhetoric training with trainers with a background in acting usually focuses on the effect of the voice and gestures. Rhetoric trainers with a psychological background pay particular attention to body language. And rhetoric training with trainers with a background in journalism focus on content, language and words.

SPARKPOINT trainings ensure comprehensive and therefore truly effective presentation training, rhetoric training and speaker training, because for sustainable success you need to consider all areas.

Professional communication

Today’s managers have to be convincing, they can’t just be decisive. Leading means communicating. I’m sure you’re already aware of this. Not just since your employees no longer sit exclusively in the office due to the pandemic, but want to be managed “remotely”.

To motivate people, guide them or get them to do something, you need to communicate with them. Directly in conversation, via emails, meetings, phone calls, teleconferences or videoconferences, via speeches, presentations, webcasts, in letters, notices, newsletters and so on. We communicate much more today than we did just a few decades ago, because never before has it been easier and cheaper to transmit messages. We can communicate at almost any place in the world at any time by phone, email and video. Even with the people on the International Space Station. Technology, the Internet and smartphones make it possible.

Are you achieving your goals in the conversation? Do you convince your conversation partners? How do you deal with critical questions? How with provocations? In a SPARKPOINT training course, you will not only perfect your appearance, but also your competence in conversation. This is an essential leadership skill and vital in press interviews!

Charisma & Gravitas

Answer these two questions: “Who is the most charismatic person you can think of?” and “What makes people charismatic?” The first question is usually answered relatively quickly. The second one is more difficult. Why do we find it so difficult to define charisma, even though we quickly recognize it in others?

In a groundbreaking study by Princeton University, two specific characteristics were identified in very charismatic, likeable and persuasive people: Warmth and competence. It’s a simple formula with the potential to completely change the way you communicate – if you know how to apply it.

Very charismatic people have the perfect mix of warmth and competence. They immediately radiate trust and credibility. We perceive them as friendly and intelligent, impressive and cooperative. They deserve our sincere respect and admiration.

SPARKPOINT training gives you the tools you need to make the impression you want to make.

Good rhetoric benefits you every day

Mastering perfect rhetoric for presentations and speeches will benefit you on a daily basis, as the tools can be applied to practically any type of communication. Therefore, a SPARKPOINT training helps you to fundamentally improve your communication impact. In conversations with customers, during small talk in the elevator, in telephone conferences, in e-mail texts, business letters and business memos – in short, in all situations in which you want to achieve something with your words.

Communicating well means leading well

If you ask people about the most important skills of a manager, communication is at the top of the list. This has been proven by many studies. Unfortunately, communication skills are taken for granted today and are not included in school and university curricula. We would treat each other differently and work much more efficiently if we could all speak, present and write well.

A SPARKPOINT training course combines the latest findings and experience from over 25 years of consulting work with quickly implementable options that will immediately improve your communication skills.

What are you waiting for?