Rhetoric training

Sentences that are still quoted even after more than 2000 years have a special rhetorical power. With Caesar’s “veni, vidi, vici”, however, it was not Asterix, Hillary Clinton (“We came, we saw, he died” – Gaddafi) or Georges Clemenceau’s (“I will fight in front of Paris, I will fight in Paris, I will fight behind Paris.”), but it is the “Magic 3” that makes many things better remembered.

Have you ever noticed that so many companies have a name consisting of just three letters (BMW, SAP, DHL, UPS, IBM, ZDF, ARD, …), that many flags consist of three colors and that many slogans consist of just three words (iPad 2: thinner, lighter, faster; Nike: Just do it; Audi: Vorsprung durch Technik; BMW: Freude am … you know)? And even more with the three: Obama: “Yes, we can”. Church: “Father, Son and the Holy Spirit”.

The “Magic 3” is a tool of rhetoric that you can use to make your speeches, presentations or lectures more effective. Another example is the targeted use of psychological mechanisms of action, such as so-called “priming”. Answer the following questions:

What color is snow?
What color are clouds?
What color is flour?
What color is a doctor’s coat?
What does the cow drink?

Did you answer “milk” to the last question? From this you will see how you can make your speeches, presentations and lectures more effective with simple means using the tools of rhetoric, so that you can achieve your goals more easily and succeed.

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman has provided groundbreaking insights in this area, which we at Resonanzkraft have aligned with the needs of executives and managers. This way you will be more successful in motivating people, guiding them or getting them to do something in your favor.

Perfect rhetoric is not only useful in speeches, lectures and presentations. The mechanics of good rhetoric apply to just about every type of communication. Therefore, the Resonance Power Method helps you to fundamentally improve your communication impact. In conversations with customers, during small talk in elevators, in telephone conferences, in e-mail texts, business letters and business memos – in short, in all situations in which they want to achieve something with their words.

Is there a rhetorical code for success?

Yes, the exists exists in the Rhetoric. He is not hard and in the Resonance force methodsummarized. Each can him apply. In the Music is the success code “Max MartinSound”. The Swede Max Martin cracked and is with it at a the worldwide most successful Music producers and songwriter become. He helpedMusicians like Katie Perry, Britney Sears, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd or Nsyncto thisstars to Become.

The Rhetoric is as not different as the Music: she is by people for people. Ifyou success have want, need you before all the people understand The Resonance force method gives you the for you right Instruments to hand and showsTo you, how you on it playto correct Success to have.

More about the music success code here.