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IPO coaching

Generate momentum, maximize revenues

A share placement is doomed to success, because if it fails, it won’t be any easier the next time. Above all, the targeted proceeds will probably no longer flow in the desired amount. An IPO is all or nothing. Either enough shares are subscribed or the placement does not take place. To do this, you need to convince potential investors of your business model – and those who influence investors.

It takes years to get a company ready to go public, months to prepare the placement and sometimes only a few minutes to talk to potential investors. This is the slot you have to convince investors, analysts and media representatives of your business model.

If you do your job well and the environment is right, you can ensure with a self-confident appearance that the opinion about the future growth expectations of your company and thus the willingness of investors to pay and thus ultimately the value of your company may be higher than originally thought. After all, as we all know, it is not securities that are traded on the stock exchange, but opinions (stock market wisdom).

The first time

When you go into bookbuilding, you know by what day and minute you need to have your book filled. If you have not achieved an oversubscription by this point, you know that the work was largely in vain. This is what distinguishes an IPO from a movie premiere and a product launch.

If the movie does not generate enough revenue on the first weekend, it can still be a commercial success. If a new vehicle model does not sell well in the first few days, more advertising usually saves sales. If the book doesn’t fill up by a certain point in the bookbuilding process, almost nothing will help.

The management of a stock market candidate is therefore under immense pressure to succeed. It has to work the first time.


For your IPO to succeed, you need to generate the necessary momentum. Ultimately, you want to persuade potential investors to invest money in your shares. And until a precisely defined point in time. Not a week, not a day, not a minute later.

So you not only have to nurture hopes of an economically attractive future, but above all create the impression that your shares will never be as cheap as they are today. Communication provides the tools for this. As CEO, you set the key reference points with your presentations and generate the momentum that motivates investors to show interest in your shares.

They are the decisive factor

People rarely make decisions with a bad feeling. There are always factors at play that cannot be represented in spreadsheets. This applies to all decisions – those made by investors regarding the purchase of shares, those made by analysts regarding a potential buy recommendation or those made by journalists regarding the presentation of your company’s prospects.

If you manage to look into a future together with your audience that seems even more attractive than previous expectations, you will create value. If you manage to convince potential investors, analysts and media representatives that you can implement the growth strategy outlined in the information documents and glitzy PowerPoint slides, you will generate even greater value.

Your communication skills as CEO, CFO, spokesperson or investor relations officer are therefore a very effective factor in maximizing sales revenue.

New target groups

Communication about an IPO differs in another respect: the perspective from which you communicate is different. It’s not about your products or services. It is about shares in your company. They also do not communicate with customers or business partners, but with investors, analysts and representatives of the business media.

Until now, you may not have had to deal with these target groups. But as soon as you publish your stock market plans, the public spotlight shines brighter on your company. More people are interested in you. On the one hand, this is a unique opportunity to increase awareness, reputation and image; on the other hand, it is a new audience with whom you need to communicate.

IPO presentation and media training

Our IPO coaching therefore consists of two modules: With the IPO presentation training, we help you to maximize your success in front of investors, analysts, media representatives and employees.

In the IPO media training module, we prepare you for dealing with business media. Especially in preparation for the IPO, media interviews offer you the most efficient and credible platform for conveying your messages to your target groups. An interview can be read by hundreds of thousands of people. It can move share prices and emotions. It can accelerate sales and end careers.

For your success

You benefit from over two decades of experience from a large number of share placements: large and small, simple and complex, with private investors, without private investors. Our IPO coaching is clearly geared to the needs of the management of IPO candidates. Each training course is designed to maximize your learning success in a short period of time.

Everything for your placement success!