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Business development coaching

More customers, more profit, more prestige

As an executive or partner in a consulting firm, investment bank, law firm, M&A boutique, auditing or tax consultancy, you need to win business. This is the way to the next promotion, a decent profit-sharing bonus and a secure livelihood.

The problem is that selling consulting services is difficult. Very difficult!

After all, they don’t sell cars

It’s difficult because selling professional services is different from selling cars. Some are sold on the basis of relationships, recommendations and reputation and others on the basis of design, performance and brand perception.

Much of what we know about traditional sales is completely unsuitable for the expansion of consulting and services. Because what really counts is the relationship with people, with potential clients. A relationship that needs to be nurtured over a lifetime.

More business for you and your customers

Therefore, as part of the business development coaching, we look at mechanisms and tools to help you clearly define your unique selling proposition, make contact with potential customers, maintain contact and understand their particular challenges in order to develop their business and your own.

Understanding your customers

Business development coaching is NOT sales training. It’s not about sales funnels, sales techniques, the art of persuasion and closing tactics. Instead, it is about understanding how people make decisions and purchase services. We look at the path your customer takes to make their purchase decision and develop measures to help you win more customers, make more profit and be more successful.

Now it’s your turn

Regardless of which area of professional service you come from, SPARKPOINT training always combines the latest knowledge and experience from decades of consulting work with many practical exercises and measures that can be implemented quickly, enabling you to achieve more success straight away.

What are you waiting for?

“A generation or two ago, a game of golf on a Saturday was a good way to meet new customers. In the twenty-first century, methods like these are outdated.”

Tom McMakin