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Convince investors, maximize revenues

People rarely make decisions with a bad feeling. There are always factors at play that cannot be represented in spreadsheets. This applies to all decisions – even when buying entire companies, including those of potential investors. In the mergers & acquisitions process in particular, a confident management performance can very quickly create great value. A poor performance can just as quickly cause ambitious valuations to fall through.

If you manage to convince potential investors that you can implement the growth strategy that is gloriously presented in the information documents and PowerPoint slides, you will generate value. If you manage to look into a future together with your audience that seems even more attractive than the expectations your audience had going into the management presentation, you will create even greater value.

The communicative skills of the presenters are therefore a very effective lever for maximizing sales revenue.

With breast milk

Even if some presentations and speeches come across so light-footed that they give the impression that the speaker is confidently delivering their talk, it is guaranteed that no one has absorbed this skill with their mother’s milk, but has acquired it through the right preparation. In the words of Rudi Carrell:

If you want to pull an ace out of your sleeve, you have to have put it in there first.”

Our training approach is comprehensive and therefore effective for you. It’s about all the parameters that generate “resonance”, that have an effect on your target groups so that you can achieve your goals. Together we look at the aspects of body language, gestures, voice and content; we practise setting and communicating your messages, we rehearse the effect of storytelling, develop possibilities for rhetorical dramaturgy and also train how to deal with unexpected situations such as unpleasant questions and interruptions.

Perhaps your most important presentation

As a manager, you are excellent because you know your customers and business partners. You know why your products and services are valuable to your customers. There is no question: you can present, you can sell.

However, the M&A process differs in one key feature: it is not about your customers, nor is it about your products and services. It’s about investors who pay money to the previous owners in the hope of earning more money from them at some point than they currently want to pay. It’s about your business model and the promise of an attractive future.

This is perhaps the most important presentation of your life, because it’s about money, lots of money!

With M&A presentation training from SPARKPOINT, you will be perfectly prepared for any presentation situation – whether in coffee meetings, fireside chats or management presentations .

Your performance collective

Not only will you be perfectly prepared, but the entire management team must also do their best to convince the audience of the very attractive growth opportunities your company offers.

With the management presentation, you have the opportunity to present not just a management team consisting of strong individuals, but a cohesive, trusting performance collective focused on common goals that is far more than the sum of its parts. This is your opportunity to create a powerful unique selling proposition and an absolute value driver, because dhe innovative strength, creativity and enthusiasm of your teams are crucial to your success. Especially today.

Show them to your potential investors and convince them of your team!

Q&A sovereignty

What good is a great presentation if you can’t keep up the momentum during the subsequent Q&A session? We therefore place a further focus on a confident appearance in Q&A sessions.

How do you deal with difficult and critical questions in particular? Are you easily driven into a corner? Are there certain topics that you would prefer not to talk about at all? Don’t have time to deal with all the answers from the Q&A catalog?

Not an issue at all!

As part of the M&A presentation training, we train techniques for professional discussion management as required. Our training premise: He who answers leads!

Content is King Kong

It is very important for us to mention that a good effect can only come from the right preparation of the content. Sure, you can work on your performance, voice and posture. However, this will only have a limited impact on success if you have not properly dealt with the content and messages of your presentation. A speaker will hardly be able to make a real connection with the audience if he is not clear about the point he wants to make. So for us, content = King Kong.

Practice, practice, practice

The core of the training is practice, because real improvements only come from the right exercise. We analyze each of your performances together using professional video recordings. Whether virtually or on site. This means that improvements are not only quickly possible, but also visible. Using video feedback, we talk about practical theory, look at examples – good and bad – and make real progress very quickly. The training therefore consists mainly of practical sessions.

Friendly and hostile

You benefit from over two decades of experience from a wide range of M&A deals: friendly and hostile, listed and unlisted, large and small, simple and complex. The M&A presentation training is clearly geared to the needs of the management of sales candidates. Each training course is designed to maximize your learning success in a short period of time.

We have been advising companies, entrepreneurs and investors on M&A transactions for over 25 years, have advised on all privatization IPOs in Germany (including Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post, Postbank, Fraport, MVV Energie) and have accompanied many successful IPOs for companies from a wide range of industries.