Last weeks we had the advice for a bad speaker from Kurt Tucholsky. Today follows the – much shorter – advice for a good speaker.

Main sets. Main sets. Main sets.

Clear disposition in the head – as little as possible on paper.

Facts, or appeal to emotion. Slingshot or harp. A speaker is not an encyclopedia. That’s what people have at home.

The sound of a single speaking voice tires; never speak for more than forty minutes. Do not seek to achieve effects that are not in your nature. A podium is a ruthless thing – there a person stands more naked than in a sunbath.

Remember Otto Brahms’ saying: Wat jestrichen is, kann nich durchfalln.



If you want the advice as a book: go to Amazon here. Tucholsky gives fantastic rhetoric training in these texts. It really only takes three things to become a really good speaker: Practice, practice, practice.