Our Mission: Successful presentations and speeches

Our expertise is presentation training, rhetoric training and media training. Our mission: that entrepreneurs, board members, managing directors, executives, managers and communicators communicate better and more confidently. With customers, employees, media, business partners, committees, mandate holders, investors and analysts. On stage, at the table, in front of the camera, behind the lectern, with or without a microphone, directly and live or “on tape”.

The driving force behind Resonanzkraft is the inspiring competence of the Resonanzkraft rhetoric and media trainers. The platform originates from an idea by Christof Schramm, who has successfully supported many companies, board members, executives, managers and high-profile entrepreneurial personalities in over 20 years of communications work. This includes numerous capital market-related projects – including the majority of the largest IPOs in Germany and important corporate takeovers.

For Christof Schramm, an awakening experience for the necessity of presentation and media training was the IPO of Deutsche Telekom in 1996 – the largest IPO in Europe to date. It had to be a success. The best consultants were on board. The management and communicators were under immense pressure to succeed: one wrong word in the media would have destroyed values. Every presentation to investors, analysts and the media had to sit well in order to sell 713 million shares and achieve the planned proceeds of 20 billion DM. The dramatic thing: CEO and CFO had no second chance, because an IPO is all or nothing. Either enough shares are subscribed or the IPO does not take place. Especially in such situations it is important that not only the facts are right – i.e. the figures, story and strategy, but also the soft skills – i.e. the management’s ability to convince.

After many more IPOs with billions in proceeds and completed M&A projects, the first concept for a practice-proven and promising training program was ready. Over the course of time, it has been continuously improved so that today you can acquire the best of over 20 years of experience in the shortest possible time in one training course.