Pitch Training

This pitch is about everything. Or nothing! They want to get the contract, the financing, the new investor, the talented top employee! It’s not just a sporting competition, it’s about you, your career, your company, your employees, your royalties.

In contrast to ordinary presentations, the pressure is much greater in a pitch presentation. There is more at stake and a decision is at stake. So you do everything you can to convince the decision-makers in your audience of your offer, your team, your fees and your expertise.

You want – no, you have to – make an impact on your audience. You want to get them to do something: Be enthusiastic, decide for you!

Why you?

Think about what factors speak for your offer, your team, for you, why your audience ultimately chooses you. Maybe you have an idea that no one else has, maybe you have a technology that only you have mastered or maybe you have a skill that is unique. Then the matter is actually already decided and you don’t need to read any further.

However, if you are in competition and assume that the quality of the competitors’ offers is not particularly different, then you should come up with something to increase your pitch success.

Hope and trust

You can conclude contracts and define specifications. Ultimately, however, every decision is based on the hope that you will deliver what you promise directly or indirectly. In this respect, the impression you create and the trust you generate are decisive for the decision – for you or against you.

The belly

People rarely make decisions with a bad feeling. There are always factors at play that cannot be represented in spreadsheets. Therefore, a presentation that provides only hard facts will never have the impact it could.

Making decisions is often not easy for people. The more far-reaching the consequences, the greater the financial commitment and the more important the project, the more difficult it becomes. No matter how difficult the decision is, we humans use a variety of rules of thumb and heuristics to make our decisions with a good feeling. We apply many of these rules of thumb and heuristics intuitively. For example, we create trust by reporting on our excellent training and listing our many references.

Magical, but no magic

Knowing these rules of thumb and heuristics can give you a head start in your pitch, because the principles by which people are persuaded are not magic. They simply structure our intuitive understanding of how we humans evaluate information and how we make decisions into a form that is easy to implement. It’s not about manipulating people, which is unethical and short-term thinking, but about a certain kind of self-awareness about how we function. It is magical, but not magic.

One will win. You?

One of them will be awarded the contract, the financing, the investor or the top team. Maybe you, maybe someone else. If you are not satisfied with your preparation so far or feel that your team has not yet reached its maximum flying height, you should change something. In view of the time, the many colleagues involved and the material effort you put into preparing the presentation, why don’t you resolve to finish earlier next time and do a trial run for the pitch?

Okay, joking aside.

If you have not carried out dress rehearsals so far, there is a high probability that you will not do so in the future. But if you arrange pitch training, you have no other choice. We make sure that you are ready on time, have time for the dress rehearsal and get the best out of the pitch.

Test: Ready for the pitch?

If you and your pitch team can pull the answer to the central pitch question out of your sleeves, you will certainly deliver an excellent pitch. However, if you and your pitch team are still thinking about this question and are not satisfied with the answers, then pitch training is guaranteed to accelerate you to the right speed. The central pitch question: “Why you?”

It’s too late in the pitch to think about it. And since this opportunity may not come again so quickly, you should prepare yourself properly. Really right, not somehow. This also includes having the answer to the central pitch question up your sleeve. In the spirit of Rudi Carrell:“If you want to pull an ace out of your sleeve, you have to have put it in there first.”


Every pitch is unique! And so is the preparation. You benefit from our many years of work for the most renowned consulting firms, law firms, investment banks, M&A boutiques, advertising and communications agencies.

What are you waiting for?