Let's present Steve Jobs

Present like Steve Jobs

Anyone can do it. I promise!

There are people who may find it a little easier to talk in front of others; some, on the other hand, are more introverted. They can all be great speakers and give perfect presentations – if they prepare properly and know what is important.

Steve Jobs is a good example: he was a nerd (at least that’s how his biographers describe him); certainly not a born speaker and certainly not someone who would have been described as a popular figure.

But he gave a great presentation!

Take a look at his presentations on YouTube and you will see that he makes it very easy for you to follow his content. And before you know it, you’ll be thrilled.

Here are two good examples: a product presentation (iPhone introduction 2007) and a speech (Stanford Commencement Speech).

Make it easy for your audience too! It only takes two things: the right preparation and a little courage.

We are happy to support you with both.