With presentations of architects it is like with presentations of other creative people – like advertising agencies or photographers. Actually, the audience just wants to see pictures. That’s what the excitement is all about. From the point of view of the presenter – the architect or the advertising agency – this is a real challenge. After all, you don’t want to barge in and just present the images, because you’ve thought of something in the design and you do want to sell your ideas in such a way that the high intellectual value of the creative effort becomes tangible. The audience should be thrilled. It is to share your ideas. You have to make sure of that. And you will be given the forum to do so. You – only you – have the floor. That’s a great starting point. Use them correctly. As part of my blog category “Presentations with learning effect”, today I dedicate myself to a great architectural firm: Herzog de Meuron. The world would be poorer without the fantastic buildings of these architects. The presentation is about the public launch of the concept design for the new Vancouver Art Gallery. This presentation contains very many clear examples of how to make a better impact with simple tools. Let’s get started: Here’s the video – skip to minute 32:40. The presentation by Herzog de Meuron begins there. Let it sink in for a little while; but don’t fall asleep.