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Professional conversation

“You can only reach your destination if you have one.”

Martin Luther

Professional interviewing is the universal method, the key competence and the basic format of professional communication – regardless of the context. They have conversations all day long: at breakfast, on the way to work, in the office, at conference tables, in the cafeteria, on the phone, via video. They talk, negotiate, develop ideas, make plans, sell, argue, criticize, get along, form partnerships, laugh – all in conversation.

You can hold conversations. Otherwise you would not be where you are today.

So why do you need training in professional communication skills?

We office workers are changing

Successful leadership is inconceivable without discussions. You talk to your team, your employees, customers, business partners, investors, analysts and journalists.

There is no doubt that communication skills, and in particular conversation skills, are among the most important skills of a good manager today. Good communication provides orientation, motivates, guides, sells and maintains the share price.

As the way people interact with each other in the company changes, so do the expectations and requirements. What was true in the past no longer necessarily applies on the same scale today. In the past, the boss was clearly the boss; with the biggest office, the biggest anteroom and the biggest company car. Accordingly, the discussions were often one-sided. Someone made the announcement and no one dared to contradict it.

Panta rhei

Today, the boss is still the boss – or female boss. The conventions are different, the hierarchies are flat and ‘you’ is common. Guidance is also provided at a distance via MS Teams or Zoom. The teams are international and diverse. And without purpose and appreciation for employees, companies will certainly not have it any easier in the future in view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

Office workers in particular are no longer as (easy) to manage as they were a few decades ago. As a result, the demands on communication and the requirements for managers’ communication skills are increasing. Panta rhei, everything flows (Heraclitus).

Like breathing or singing

Having conversations is like doing math, breathing or singing. We can do it because we learned it at school or because we’ve simply been doing it for decades. If you want to take your professional interviewing skills to a new level and optimize your own skills in order to use the interview as a management tool even more effectively, a training course on professional interviewing will provide you with very specific skills.

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