Speaker training

Better speech, more success

It was once a Entrepreneur of a successful Family business fromNorth Germany. The dictated his speeches always in a Recording device. Its Secretarybrought the spoken word then on paper. According to the speech wondered itself the Entrepreneur then often, why his Speeches not so well arrive. He wondered itself so longuntil he finds the Riddle Solution found had: his Secretary. You – one hundred percentdutifulmade from from the spoken word a error-free written Text. And so sound he then also

But that is only a Subject. In order to keep its Listener to inspire needs it still some more asa understandable Language.

Straight in our technical and audiovisual highly equipped time with Highspeed-accessibility at any place and a always fugitive becoming Attention span(currently at around 8,52 seconds), is the speech the supreme discipline of allForms of communication. All same whether you in front of, 2, 20 or 2000 People talk, a Speech allowed To you the direct Contact, a direct Connection at each single Audience.

The is your chance!

With a good speech create You yourself a excellent Reputation. You recommend itselfYour Audience and remain in memory. A good Speech is also the best Document for convincing Leadership.

The Speaker Training Directs itself to the Speaker or the speaker himself; the speechwriter-Coaching before all to the – you guess it – Speechwriter. It includes the Rhetoric topicsfrom from the Presentation Training with clear Focus on contentDesign options.

Keywords to Speaker Training or. Speechwriter training are:

Presence on the Stage.
Structuring a speech.
Messages and Your Receipts.
Possibilities of storytelling.
Rhetorical Stylistic device.
Body language.
Conscious Insert the Voice.