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Speech and voice training

for managers

The way you speak and sound has a significant impact on your communication and your success in your personal and professional life. Our speech and voice training gives you the tools and techniques to optimize your voice, strengthen your communication skills and appear more confident.

In a voice coaching session, we support you in presenting yourself better as a speaker and lecturer, overcoming speaking fears and being able to place your topics, visions and statements with pinpoint accuracy in your position as an expert, manager or politician.

We work with you on your preparation, your texts, your voice, your speaking and your presence. This will give you more self-confidence, discover the full vocal potential that lies within you and gain self-assurance for a confident appearance.

For your success

Your voice is a powerful tool that reflects your personality and your message. Our speech coaches and voice experts can help you with this:

      • Speak clearly and convincingly: Improve your pronunciation, intonation and speech intonation to get your message across precisely and effectively.
      • Strengthen your self-confidence: By training your voice, you gain self-confidence, which has a positive effect in every form of communication.
      • cope with stress and tension: Learn techniques to overcome stage fright and nervousness, be it during presentations, speeches or in everyday conversations.
        Our speech and voice training offers

Our training programs are tailored to the individual needs of our clients and are ideally carried out in one-to-one coaching sessions:


      • Speaking techniques to improve your pronunciation, speaking speed and articulation.
      • Voice training: Develop a strong, pleasant and expressive voice.
      • Presentation training: Learn how to get your message across convincingly in presentations or speeches.
      • Stress management: Overcome stage fright and stress to appear confident in any situation.

Our experts

Our speech coaches and voice experts are experienced communication trainers, speech therapists and actors who will give you practical instructions and advice. We work with you to perfect your communication skills and optimize your voice.

Voice = mood

Your voice and the way you speak are crucial to your success. We pride ourselves on helping our clients to express themselves more confidently and effectively. Our speech and voice training enables you to use the full range of your vocal abilities.

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You can with power talkor quite quietly.
You can the Speech tempo increaseor completely gently speak.
You can pauses makeif you work want to.
You can Pitch and sentence melody change and many other more.

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