TED Talk Coaching


If you want TED, you can

TED Talks and TEDx Talks place the highest demands on the rhetorical skills of the presenters. It’s a wonderful series of events with lots of really inspiring talks. Especially in a world with an oversupply of technical communication and entertainment options, this presentation format, which relies on the presence of the speakers, is very charming. It also emphasizes that no form of communication is more effective than direct communication from person to person.

Your challenge

Perhaps you are appearing as part of a TED Talk or a TEDx event, perhaps you are even organizing a TEDx event with your company. Special training for TED talk preparation guarantees that you will make a successful appearance that more than meets the high rhetorical demands.

The limitation to 18-minute talks and the requirement for content with “ideas worth spreading” mean that a TED Talk is not something you can just shake out of your sleeve. Because – and Rudi Carrell already knew this – anything that comes out of the blue must have been put there beforehand.

Your turn

If you would like to give a TED or TEDx Talk, are perhaps still in the brainstorming phase or perhaps already have a speaking slot, you should contact us. We not only put the finishing touches to your presentation, but also support you in creating your speech. With our method, you have a tool at hand that is also tailored to successful formats such as TED Talks.