Interview training

The classic – with Guaranteed success

“That which like from the sleeve shaken comes alongmust be before there put inbeen be!” Also if this Statement of Rudi Carrell originate should shows she but in wonderful way, what it at media training and especially atInterview training goes: because a good Message shakes one not so simply from the sleeve; she must be well prepared be But not only the Message, also the representation of the Message.

Media interviews offer To you the most efficient and most credible Platformto YourMessages to Your Target groups at transport. If you yourself on an interview withJournalists, a Press Briefing or a Press conference prepare becomes you ourMedia Training in front of Disappointments preservethe Handling with Journalists at aprofessional level lift and make it you light make, with Your Topicsto penetrate.

The core of the Resonance Power Media Training is the Interview Practice. We simulate accuratethose Situationsthat you expect and lead you through exactly the topicsthat are relevant for you are. We dig pits and train with To you, this Traps to recognize and tobypass. You get immediate and camera-based feedback and see, whichHeadlines and Quotes You generates have. More Practice goes nota betterPreparation there there not!

The media training is ago over 15 years ago developed and always more optimized been, so that you today in the within the training in shortest time to many memorableExperiences and experiences reachwhich you can in the Handling with media protect and youenablethat to communicate, on what it matters: namely Your Messages. Inside less Hours become you so the Media professional – that is our Promise toYou!