Press Conference Coaching

When a Press event for you really important is, then become You yourself perfectprepare. And to this belongs a Ordinary Dress rehearsal, becauseTeaching forms Ghosts, but Exercise makes the master.” Straight when it comes to critical Topics goesabout the Handling with Disruptors or at an emotionally charged mood, becomes a realDress rehearsal To you enable, Your Targets sovereign at reach.

A Press conference-Coaching offers To you one maximum realistic simulation of yourEvent. We train Your Appearance, Your speech and your Presentation. We trainYour Appear, the Delivery to other speakers, the Coordination with a moderator and the conclusion. We pay attention to the Stagethe light and the sound. We place Disruptor, Questioner and Applauders. And we do everything for it, that you yourself at Spotlightfeel goodbecause if you yourself not feel good, will you will find it hard have, with YourMessages to come through.

Therefore take you with us Contact on, if you yourself really perfect prepare want.