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Video training

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With Video statements can You Your Messages Your Audience faster and convincing offer. About it In addition becomes a Video often rather perceived as a Written text. Think about how different a video directed by you to your staff will look than a notice!

From this Reason decide itself always more Managers for the production of video content. With a remote workforce that can no longer be reached in person via all-hands meetings and the proliferation of social media – especially LinkedIn – in the professional environment, the need for compelling video messages is increasing.

Mostly unpleasant

The appearance from the Camera is the mm ost people unpleasant. A natural and thus authentic and credible Behavior is heavy, as soon as light and sound switched on were and the Camera runs. Even if it’s just your own iPhone.

You’ve probably never thought about how you walk down the corridor in your office. You do this spontaneously and perfectly. But as soon as the colleague at the camera asks you to walk down the corridor in a “relaxed and natural” manner, it no longer works. All spontaneity is gone, your head has taken over and you feel as if you can no longer walk in a straight line.

The Goal of the video training is, that you also from the Camera so are how you are: relaxed, confident, authentic and credible.

How do I get into Carnegie Hall?

If a tourist in New York asks a New Yorker: “How do I get into Carnegie Hall?” The New Yorker answers: “Practice, practice, practice.” And so it is with the performance in the video. There are three things above all that are absolutely relevant to your success: 1. practise, 2. practise and 3. (you guessed it) practise.

Video training will help you reach your goal faster. Under experienced guidance, you will learn what really matters. We will guide you to a sense of achievement that will ensure your lasting success in front of the video camera.