People love stories because they are full of experiences that we identify with. Here is a story that employees of a bank tell each other to this day:

It happened in one of the company’s ordinary bank branches. The glass entrance door was always slightly smeared. This was no wonder, because hundreds of people came and went here every day. Children with dirty hands, dogs with long tongues, teenagers with dripping ice cream cones and so on. Somehow it bothered every employee, but they got used to it, because in the evening the cleaning crew came and also wiped over the glass of the entrance door.

Therefore, it did not change. Until the one day when the chairman of the board dropped by unexpectedly. He also noticed the slightly smeared front door. He had glass cleaner and a cleaning cloth brought to him and cleaned the door himself. He did not need more than 30 seconds to do this. The employees shine just like the glass of the door.

And from then on, there was always a spray bottle with glass cleaner and a rag behind the counter and whenever it was necessary, an employee went to the entrance and cleaned the door. Something that was not self-evident until then suddenly became self-evident.

This story is still remembered in the store today. And in many other stores they tell this story as well – and the doors are clean everywhere.