We are the world market leader – of course … also in school education?

Our education system is the prerequisite for maintaining and expanding our economic position in a rapidly changing world. It should be – and remain – the world’s best. The possibility of individualizing teaching content, targeted support for weaker and also more gifted students, and forms of learning that are as much fun as a video game without its negative effects is unknown in today’s curriculum.

“Already today, more Asians study than Europeans. Because many countries are investing lavishly in their education systems and Asia will soon be home to ten times as many people as the EU, it won’t be long before the Old World falls behind in its traditional domain – knowledge – too.”

(Jochen Buchensteiner, correspondent of the FAZ )

Uni Rankings

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011/12, there are just four German universities in the top 100 – and seven universities from emerging Asia (not counting Japan). The first German university is in 45th place.

“Completely disinterested in the fact that the digital world is about to change our brain wiring as it has not since the invention of reading, many schools and universities continue to treat machines as if they were televisions that only broadcast , thus exacerbating the cognitive crisis. For not only are computers mere transmitters, but teachers and professors too often are as well.”

(Frank Schirrmacher, editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in his book “Payback”)

“Independent learning has come more naturally to them (students) than I ever thought possible.”

Tracey Brately; Deputy Headteacher, Flitch Green Primary School (UK) on new techno-logies in school life.

Better medicine through computer-assisted leeching

Better education for all will not be made possible by equipping classrooms with hardware or teaching children the basics of programming languages. Putting a computer in a classroom is like “hooking a computer up to a leech” – hoping it will make therapy better, Rupert Murdoch said. We will not achieve progress in schooling until we change the rules of the game for the use of new technologies and weave them into teaching methods.

Each student his own curriculum – already possible today

Modern teaching software addresses the learning preferences of the individual student and provides direct feedback to the teacher on individual learning progress. In this way, the student no longer has to wait for the correction of the class work, but receives continuous feedback on his learning success. A dream of the future or a crackpot idea? At the Innovation Day, you will see such teaching methods and how students, teachers and schools are already celebrating success with them.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford, entrepreneur