I copied it from the net (from 2016) – a wonderful illustration of the German media landscape. Just like in a media training, here you can see how the media process a message differently. There is always one person in the foreground: the reader!

Jesus Christ born

Bethlehem (dpa) In a stable in Bethlehem Jesus Christ was born this evening. He is the first child of a carpenter named Joseph from Nazareth and his wife Mary.

Shortly after the heavily pregnant woman and her husband arrived in Bethlehem, they went into labor. Since the couple had not booked a hostel in advance, they had to stay in a simple stable on the outskirts of the city. There, apparently, a crib now serves as a crib.

According to eyewitnesses, luminous angels appeared to several shepherds, announcing the birth of “the Savior.” In other, as yet unconfirmed reports, there is talk of the “Savior” bringing “peace on earth”. Kings are now expected in Bethlehem to give Jesus some gifts. It is not yet known when they will arrive. A press conference is scheduled for 8:30 pm.

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