Speeches are experiencing a renaissance on the Internet – and that’s putting the spotlight back on oratory. It is quite astonishing that this millennia-old format is considered by millions in the age of global networking and total communication possibilities. You may have watched a “TED Talk” on the web before. Maybe a talk at an officially organized TED conference or one of the many decentralized TEDx Talks.

Why does this format attract millions of viewers? Here are the main reasons from my point of view:

  1. The topics are good (“Ideas worth spreading”).
  2. Speakers make an effort and prepare.
  3. A speech lasts no longer than 20 minutes.

What does this mean for your speech, lecture or presentation? If you want to make a real impression, contact me and I’ll help you develop a great talk that is guaranteed to be remembered. Whether on a TED stage, in front of customers, employees or your bosses. You will make an impression and achieve your goals. Otherwise you get your money back!