For the start of the new season, here is an overview of the best wisdom on the subject of soccer & management.

Soccer and management

  • We don’t sell performance, we sell success.
  • Motivation is only one prerequisite for success.
  • Games are won in the mind.
  • You play for the audience – and for customers
  • Good coaches are followed voluntarily.
  • Good players are not always good coaches.
  • Addressing uncomfortable issues openly.
  • Passion is what distinguishes the good trainer.
  • Goals must be achievable.
  • Substitute at the right moment.
  • High-performance teams don’t play with each other, they play for each other.
  • Regulars used to exist.
  • Attack is the best defense.
  • We need to bring in new players.
  • You also have to be able to lose.