It’s quite normal on TV – you just never see it: presenters often stand on boxes. Thus, the difference in size to a conversation partner is not so noticeable. Or it’s easier for the camera if a small person looks bigger through a box. By the way, stock market expert Raimund Brichta usually stands on a box when he reports from the stock market.

Here are two more examples: Jessica Kastrop with Wladimir Klitschko.

And here Stefanie Czerny at the DLD.

On this occasion:
Why do the organizers build such massive desks? Should the speakers hide behind it? Should no one be allowed to see the whole person standing there on the stage? Why do you deprive people of the chance to talk with their whole body?

And one more thing:
These chairs next to the lectern look good – but they are only partially suitable for a panel discussion. Because women with shorter skirts will not be able to sit here in a relaxed manner, and for men, these chairs also do not promote the ideal sitting position. Fixed, non-swiveling chairs are much better here.