Sure, the inner values are quite something. Also at the lecture. Because, of course, it all depends on the content. On a few externals, though. Because clothes make the man.

The very first impression that the listeners and viewers get of you is always an external impression. Because before you can even say a sentence, the people in the room have seen you.

And we all know that, whether we like it or not, this is how first impressions are made. Did the speaker ruffle his feathers in despair beforehand? Does he prefer to put on a collection of old clothes? Does he even know how to tie a tie?

If you want to be convincing in terms of content, then you also have to be convincing on the outside. That doesn’t mean you have to pretend. This also doesn’t mean you have to wear your clothes like a disguise. But this means that on such a day you should already spend a little more time at home in front of the mirror.

And for men in particular, this means quite banally that the tie (if you wear one) must not only be tied sensibly. No, the moment you get up from your seat in the hall and go on stage, you should always check the fit of your tie with a flick of your wrist and close your jacket on top of that.

Yes, of course, these are trivialities. But only as long as you take care of it in time. Otherwise, all of this could become far too much of a focus of attention and harm your appearance.