For God’s sake: how can you publish such crap. No apology, no “I’m sorry,” no empathy, no compassion, no remorse.

The way my money has been handled here deserves the deepest contempt.

A communication behavior of arrogant assholes. For a long time, they’ve been saying, “There’s nothing to the allegations.” Oops, that was probably true after all, what the FT had dug up some time ago.

If Mr. Braun had at least said “No comment”. From this, one could have read that perhaps there was something to the accusations after all. But he didn’t. He denied. That was a hard signal that everything was fine at Wirecard. Two decades ago, such a false statement was the undoing of a VEBA manager. Since then, managers and communicators have learned from it. Only Wirecard does not.

Unfortunately, this is yet another example of a managerial image that does not actually correspond to reality. Such a dumbass (as he stands there also in the figurative sense) ruins the image of companies and managers in the eyes of the public. And what’s this crap about “I’m happy to introduce our new colleague!”. He’s not even allowed to say anything. What kind of arrogant idea is that! So that becomes nothing with a Germany, in which entrepreneurs, managers and high-level personnel are regarded times in such a way as they are actually!