I thought it was really great how the head of Sky Deutschland, Carsten Schmidt, presented last night. Above all, I found it very remarkable how he made sure that his main message got through:

It was an event in Düsseldorf that was aimed at several hundred people, mainly media agencies, media buyers and journalists. It was important for Sky, and you could tell by the amount of effort the company put in for its guests.

There were about 90 minutes of varied performances. The evening began with a speech of around 15 minutes by the Chairman of the Management Board, Carsten Schmidt. He narrated a lot and well (free speech, free gestures with a big 4-meter teleprompter screen at the end of the hall).

The ending was special: the host came back on stage and spoke (meaning), “Carsten, if there’s one thing you want guests to take home with them today, what is it?” Wow, that’s a great question! Carsten Schmidt replied (to paraphrase): “There are many things I would like to pass on. But one thing is particularly important to us: Sky is there for everyone. For the whole family. We are more than soccer.”

That worked. Everyone I spoke to that very evening knew the message. So she arrived.

If Carsten Schmidt had said three messages, five or seven messages, I probably wouldn’t have kept anything.

I always have great respect for managers who can really focus on a message. This is not easy!